Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I should mention that we've had some beeyoootiful weather the past few days. So much so that on Saturday we let the kids bike around on the porch. Relia's bike has been there for some time, so she hopped right on. DF wanted a turn but it's just a bit too tall. After several precarious climbs he finally tipped over and banged his cheek. We quickly decided that he was ready for the tricycle.
Let me tell you, he has fallen in love with it! Every day since then he has wanted his 'bike' so he can spend time on the porch. (And every day when it is time to be done he has been quite upset.) The two of them zip around as well as they can. There isn't really enough room but they make do. There are some tears and upsetness but they're getting better at untangling wheels and being careful.
Soon the back yard will be dry and we can play out there. This nice weather has me remembering the wonderful days of last summer when we'd go out there and spend gobs of time. They'd play in the pool and with the playset. I'd sit in the shade of the umbrella and read. Very good times and I'm anxious for them to come back!


carrster said...

I am in a jealous fit over your fenced in backyard. I'm just not sure what to do with my escape artist & my aloof wanderer this summer! Gah!

Sarita said...

Truly the fence was one of our best investments.