Saturday, March 17, 2012


You may know that this week was the start of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. This made me miss time in the office. For years (a full decade?) I was the guy in the office who set up the pool and ran it. Nothing aggressive. Two dollar buy in and the winner would usually get thirty or forty bucks. A good set up.
Of course I can't do that at home. Because a) only two of us have money and b) I'm the only one who cares even a little bit. Well, maybe the cats. Ozzie did spend the past two nights on the arm of the couch and he might have been paying attention.
Right about Wednesday I had a brainstorm. I could make a bet with Relia! The stakes would be which of us gets to pick where we eat on Saturday, after the first two rounds. We'd each pick the teams and simply count them up.
I told the FP Gal, kind of expecting her to be displeased. She threw me a curve and actually liked the idea. She did tell me that she was cheering for Relia and frankly, I was too. It would be much more fun to have her pick where lunch than to risk an argument over my pick.
So I lied to her. I actually beat her by three games (23-9 to 20-12) but she didn't know that. She did pick the biggest upset of the tourney, #15 seed Norfolk over #2 seed Missouri. That must be worth something, right?
So she picked. I was very afraid that we'd be going to Chuck E Cheese but instead she picked Panera. We called Grandma D and she joined us. It was a very nice little outing.

(Unfortunately, a virus that is making its way through the house made her loose that nice lunch hours later. Mine too, but you don't want to read about that.)

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DD4 said...

Thank you for the nice time over lunch, Peder. I enjoyed being with you and Aurelia, and I'm very sorry to learn lunch didn't set too well with you. Feel better very soon.