Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Today in the car, Relia asked why she is never on the news. (Before I continue, I should mention that we almost never, ever have the news on at our house. Broadcast news is so completely inferior to internet that there is simply no point. So I'm not sure where she sees the news so much that she wants to be on it.)
I asked her what she would do to be on the news and she told me she would build a building, because "don't you know that people like new things, dad?". I do in fact, know that. That led to this:

Me: Tell you what, if you build a Lego building, then I'll have mama video me interviewing you and she can post it on her blog. Will that be ok?
Relia: Yes!
Me: Good.
Relia: And Facebook! It has to be on Facebook.
Me: Uh, ok.
Relia: Nana is on Facebook all the time. She's always Facebooking me.

To be clear, I don't know how much she really understands blogs or Facebook.


DD4 said...

What a riot!!

carrster said...

Ahhhh, probably more than you think! Gah!

Sarita said...

Um, kiddo, you were on the news just a few months ago...Remember, you liked pink & purple Christmas lights?

-Peder said...

Only one broadcast? Not nearly enough!