Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"No Food"

The kids slept late today (we're still recovering from daylight savings time) and the FP Gal was able to quietly slip out to work. Relia woke up about 7a and came to get me. We heard DF stirring and went into his room. When I turned on the light I discovered that sometime in the night he had throw up.
He was very curious about this. He pointed to his blanket and said 'food'. He then looked at the smaller mess on the floor and again said 'food'. I agreed with him and started to figure out how to clean things up. Relia helpfully asked me if I could tell what they had for supper last night. I guessed wrong.
I want to say that waking up to a sick child and then cleaning up the mess is a rite of passage. That's what I kept telling myself this morning at least. He seemed just fine which made it tricky to figure out what to do. If he was running a fever or seemed down, then of course I would keep him with me and treat him like an invalid. But if this was a quick one time thing?
Eh. I really had no choice but to keep him home. We dropped Relia at daycare and went to the store to get some Jello. Again he seemed fine.
Then back home and after some more cleaning, I put him in his crib for a nap. By this time I needed a nap myself because I wasn't feeling that great either. A couple of hours later we both woke up. When I went in, he pointed at the bed and said 'no food!'.

He seems fine now. And I hope that he continues to not have 'food' in his bed from now on.

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DD4 said...

I hope both of you are feeling 100% today. Felix and Aurelia's comments are worth recording - and sharing. Thanks.