Thursday, March 22, 2012


While driving home today I told Relia that I have an aunt and a couple of cousins in California that I never get to see. She decided we should go visit them.

Me: So you want a vacation in California?
Relia: Yes. We can live in a hotel!
Me: And where else should we go?
Relia: Have you forgotten Hawaii? That we're going to Hawaii?
Me: Oh, that's right. Where else?
Relia: To Jamaica. We can see Pop Pop there.
Me: Sounds good. Anywhere else?
Relia: To Alabama.
Me: (pause) Why Alabama?
Relia: So I can meet some new people. (pause) And learn a new language!

To the good people of Alabama (Alabamans? Alabamists? Alabami?), I have no idea what she is talking about. She went on listing and included Iowa and Paris. Dare to dream, right?


DD4 said...

Well, if the Hawaii trip is in the future, may I tag along, please?

Inaminute said...

Ken says, "If you've ever been to Alabama, it is a foreign language.