Friday, May 25, 2007

Third baby class

So last night was class three of five. We talked about pain medication options and techniques. One interesting exercise involved a chart that listed (1-10) the level of help that moms would want. Both partners circled the number they thought the mom would want and then showed them to each other. No one in the class had the exact same number. (We were only off by one.)
We watched a short film on various techniques and it was the hardest part of the class so far. Watching a graphic of the epidural was tough. Watching the graphic of an episiotomy made me feel faint and I had to run to the bathroom. (Personal note, I've had the equivilant of an epidural to check spinal fluid pressure and they're not bad at all. Kind of like a shot and then some weird zings up and down the spine.) For the first time in this whole shebang, I was questioning whether I could deal with the medical side of this. The FP Gal assures me that I can, but really that's all she can do. She can't trade me out at this time.
Also learned some lamaze breathing. Our very funny teacher had all the ladies sounding like Dr Seuess characters (Hee, hee, hooooo!). Apparently this really is a godsend during the worst parts though. She also suggested this site for any upright babies (good luck, Holly!).
The last part included a tour of the hospital so we could see where to go and what the rooms look like when you get there. Very impressive place. Apparently the security is pretty good as far as babies go so we'll have to think up a different prize for the guessing contest.

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Holly said...

Thanks for the reference. I'm going to start doing down dog daily to see if that helps her 'flip'.