Friday, April 26, 2013

From April 2010

Out of the blue, Relia has started calling me 'Papa-bear'.

Relia had jelly on toast and it ended up smeared on her face. I told her she looked like the Joker. She said, "I AM the Joker". Well, that puts my mind at ease.

Is there a nanny in a musical who is not played by Julie Andrews?

Whoops! Must have left my phone at work. No calls for me this weekend!

Relia is taking a self imposted timeout because "she is blond".

After great study (and repeated viewings) I've come to the conclusion that 'Toy Story' is *not* a documentary.

We need at least 28 hours in the day. Is there somewhere we can petition for that?

Watching old Mickey Mouse cartoons with Relia. God bless YouTube.

The wife just told me that if I put on another 30-40 pounds, I too can stop working until baby comes. Paging Dr Nick...

Well. They might be coming but we're not sure. My phone is charged and I'm still going to work. Let's hope that I'm called away!

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