Saturday, April 06, 2013

From August 2011

I used to worry about my cell phone pocket dialing. Now I worry about toddler dialing.

Felix just stole some cash from Sarah's wallet. Several valuable lessons have been learned by all.

Switched over to 'Hunt for Red October'. I think that all male choirs sound best in either Russian or Latin. (And who isn't in the mood for a submarine movie?)

I've never seen a woman work so hard to rationalize why she should get both apple pies from McDonalds.

Felix has started telling us 'night-night' when he gets tired.

Neighbors across the street are having a yard sale and apparently one thing they're selling is a drum. Which is being tested by 'potential buyers'. I'm tempted to walk over there, buy it and then very carefully run it over with the car.

The drumming has stopped. And if this was a movie set in the jungle I'd now say "it's quiet. Too quiet." But as it is I still have two little kids running around the house and I don't believe there is such a thing as 'too quiet'.

Relia kept waking up so I told her the story of Clyde Tombaugh. The long version. That certainly did the trick and she's fast asleep now.

Per request I drew a fairy for Relia. She thinks it looks like an alien. Frankly kiddo, I think they're creepy too.

Rest of the family is asleep and I'm downstairs by myself listening to Kate Bush with headphones. Who says that older married life is dull?

Watching the game with Relia. She said that the horns on the Vikes helmets make them look like purple bulls. Then she said that they also look like purple yaks. She said that the Cowboys look like ballet dancers.

Last night, about a half hour after supper, I was sitting on the couch with Felix. He suddenly coughed twice, reached into his mouth and handed me a piece of Canadian bacon. I looked at it, blinked, thanked him for the gift and promptly threw it away.

Small pleasures: came downstairs on lunch break and Sarah is watching 'Fiddler on the Roof'.

As God is my witness, she [Relia] will finish her toast from this morning.            

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