Tuesday, April 16, 2013

From October 2010

Only 31 more days of political ads!
Random playdoh fun fact: If you mix white, brown and pink together they make a color very similar to bacon.
Tonight's bedtime reading request: 'The Tiny Little Train that Does It'.
Q: How much talcum powder was in the bottle on Relia's drawer today?
A: Enough to cover her entire floor, some clothes and stuffed animals.
The only thing that will consistently calm Felix this morning? Concert video from U2.
A peek into my home conversations with the wife: I've always thought that 'Ballroom Blitz' should have been in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
I think my daughter is destined for the stage.
1. We are now hooked on 'Phineas and Ferb'.
2. I really, really want to find an appropriate time to call someone 'Perry the Judge-a-pus'.
Daughter comes out of her room crying. She should be in bed asleep. Why the tears? She hit her head, she tells me. On something that was clear on the other side of the room from her bed. Yep, she's still young enough to not know how to lie to her old man.
Kids sleep better after hitting their head, right?
Making tator tot hot dish with Relia. She was upset that we were going to heat the veggies because she prefers them frozen. She also had to sample the cheese. And despite my protests she just had to try a frozen tot.
Relia just saw a picture of me from my high school days. She said, "Daddy, you were a girl!"
Back from trick-or-treating. God bless the folks who had hot cider for the adults.

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