Wednesday, April 03, 2013

From November 2011

Relia has updated her Christmas list. She had us add a metal detector.

I'm not really sure what the Kardashian marriage says about gay marriage. However. Given the opportunity to vote to eliminate celebrity marriage, I'd lean towards voting Yes.

I have never met a more aggressive backseat driver than my four year old daughter.

Today's depressing statistic: of the 15 cameo actors in the Muppet Movie, only six are still alive.

Relia: Ladies and Gentlemen! Don't look at the floor or the walls or anywhere else but me!
Is every four year old a natural born circus barker?

Relia is wanting to play hippopotamus family. I told Sarah that she makes a very attractive hippo.

'Jack and Jill' looks like the worst movie in the history of film. Maybe the worst thing in the history of entertainment.

18 month olds have a tremendous sense of whether their sister got more than they did.

This week's rejected names for boys:
Planet (Relia's suggestion)
The Hulk
and Paterno

Being violently ill must have looked fun. Sarah has decided to join me. Parenting now placed in 'survival mode'. If everyone is still alive when we feel better then we have won.

Picking up Relia from preschool.
Relia: I want to watch the mermaid movie with Ariel.
Me: The Little Mermaid?
Relia: No! She's regular sized!

In a just world 'Kiki's Delivery Service' would be a much more popular movie.

Life update: I'm now 38. Have two wonderful kids with a third one on the way. And those new hairs in my beard certainly *are* gray.

Quite frankly, the Twilight fans don't bother me nearly as much as the zombie fans do. When will the undead fascination finally end?

Cleaning up and every time I turn around I find more socks to pick up. It's like the house is spontaneously generating them. How is this possible???

I just taught Relia to say "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly".

Thanksgiving evening protip: Don't eat all of the leftover stuffing or your wife will kill you.

Relia is playing and hiding from Darth Vadar. Yep, another childhood milestone achieved.

Typical parental question for the day: demon possession or 'just being a four year old'?


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