Tuesday, April 23, 2013

From July 2010

Was anyone else rooting for a Paraguay/Uruguay final? [I think this is a World Cup reference.]

The wife just asked me what year 'Wizard of Oz' came out. I knew it.

This seems strange to admit but I'm going to miss the vuvezuellas.

Today's unhappy word of the day: 'vitiligo'.

The storm is past and we're up from the basement. The sirens completely screwed up bedtime but we finally got her down.

Just got a Kindle!

I can no longer see a plane fly overhead without thinking it's going to split apart a la 'Lost'.

Just got the full body happy wiggle from Felix. I love the unfiltered joy of a three month old!

If my excitement over the Clinton wedding gets any higher I'll probably have to check into treatment.

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