Friday, April 05, 2013

From September 2011

All three of us, the kids and I, could use some more sleep this morning. The problem is that I'm the only one willing to take some!

Tried some 'Sound of Music' this morning. Now Relia is wandering about singing 'Edel-mice'.

Heading down to Wabasha to see the Eagle Center. I'm hoping they don't play 'Hotel California'.

Just spent two minutes searching for my phone before I realized it was in my pocket. So great, I've reached THAT age.

If you name a child Zapp Branigan, this will only help them towards a lifetime of success and glory, right?

I'm rewatching Star Trek: TNG on Netflix. I think that Worf needs a dating advice show. It would be incredible.

A the breakfast table and Relia is showing Felix how to take a deep breath so he can calm down.

I'm taking Relia to a park. She wants to know how big it is and if I would describe it as a 'humungo park'.

Picked up 'The Dangerous Book for Boys' at a garage sale today for $5. Absolutely wonderful buy. Wish I could send it back 30 years to my past.

I'm starting to believe that the Drumstick is the pinnacle of ice cream treats.

It's September 15th and 38 degrees outside. What did we do to anger the weather gods and more importantly, how do we fix it?

Relia talking about the oncoming baby: "She's going to start as an 'eat baby' and a 'sleep baby'."
And no, we don't know that oncoming baby is a girl. Relia is really, really, really hoping for one. She said she would 'deal with' another brother.

TGIB: Thank god it's bedtime.

Relia is carefully and meticulously teaching Felix made up words.

Felix has discovered the kiddie doctor kit and loves it. He has scheduled me for eight check-ups, all for this morning.

Relia is wholly unimpressed by Duran Duran's 'Reflex'. It must not be 1983 anymore.

I tried to engage Felix in dancing to 'Rock Lobster'. He ran away screaming "Noooo! Noooo!"

After last night's episode of Doctor Who, we had a brief discussion about the name 'Stormageddon'. We decided it would work better as a nickname.

Relia: Why does the TV always say 'car insurance'?

The lowest form of identity theft: Felix got Sarah's wallet and emptied it's contents into the couch cushions.

I've got Relia hooked on 'Free Willy'. I'm hesitant to tell her that in that last great action shot they used up five different whales before they found one that wouldn't crash on the rocks...

Either we're watching Micky Mouse in a different language or I've suffered a stroke. (And why am I smelling burnt toast?)

Relia just asked 'who's the fairest at the mall?'. Um, I dunno. The Disney Store?



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