Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From September 2010

Watching old episodes of 'The Critic' with Relia. Not sure if this means I'm a bad parent or a really, really good one.

Is this the wrong day to tell everyone that I'm not fond of the Discovery channel's big family lineup?

Scariest phrase from the backseat? "It's ok dad, I don't have to go potty anymore."

It's 2010. Why don't we have some sort of external gauge to show how full a toddler's bladder is yet? Come on science people!

I'm just going to admit this. I really enjoy George Lazenby as James Bond.

Starting to make my very first meatloaf.

Is there a way to tell my TV that I'm not eligible to vote in the Bachmann/Clark election? I'd like to opt out from their commercials please.

I can't wait until the kids are old enough to really get into football Sunday with me. Maybe by that time, my wife will too.

I can't help but think that Gromit could do better than Wallace.

Off to Austin. I'm *hoping* that I've got enough diapers...        

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