Sunday, April 14, 2013

From December 2010

Relia has announced that for Christmas she would like glue. Why do I think she'd be terribly, terribly disappointed if we paid attention to that wish?

Best Duran Duran song? Isn't it 'Rio'?

Relia wants chocolate gelt for Christmas. This is wonderful on so many levels!

I've reached that strange stage of parenthood where I have a favorite 'Phineas and Ferb' song.

Unfavorite phrases heard by parents: "Didn't you see the mess that I made?" and "I cleaned up part of it!"

"Some walk by night/Some fly by day . . ."

I'm enjoying homemade mashed potatoes pizza.

[Big December 2010 blizzard that broke the Dome]
Can't decide if it's safe to shovel yet or not. My work of this morning has been compeltely erased.
Word is that the Viking game is moving to Monday night. At least partly out of fear that too much snow will be on top of the dome for safety.
Dome officials don't think they'll be ready for tomorrow. Who is ready for an outdoor game at TCF Field???
I was out shoveling five seperate times today (and there is still work to do). We will have a snow blower before next winter.

Attention Minneapolis residents: If you live on a non snow emergency route, you now live on a one lane street.

If one more person yells at me this morning while I change their clothes, I'm going to have some strong words for my union rep.

Every stay at home dad should be issued stickers that read "Don't blame me, she insisted on dressing herself."

Watching 'Amelie' on one of the film channels. I could hardly love this movie more than I do.

After a long conversation with Felix, I'm convinced that he's at least partially fluent in Wookie.

Dear Santa, please note, the houses are the parts that are sticking up a little out of the snowbanks. Thanks!

Back inside after playing snow parking fandango. This single side parking is necessary, but boy, it sure does suck.

Viking game tonight in Philly postponed due to blizzard. After the run of luck that the Vikes have had I fully expect next week's game to be canceled due to meteor strike.

Parenting question: At what age can you start using chloroform to enforce naptime?

We've set off the New Year's Eve fireworks for Relia. I'll do another round at midnight.          

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