Monday, April 01, 2013

From January 2012

Going out to light the adult fireworks. Happy new year everyone!

Oh, ABC. You'll never top 'Bosom Buddies'. Why are you even trying?

Relia staged a coup at 5a this morning. I've had better starts to the year.

Don't care how cliche it is, I'm very much enjoying playing with Felix and his new football.

I'm now kind of hoping for a Saints/Bengals Super Bowl. The 'Who Dat/Who Dey' combo would be unbeatable.

Oh great, now we can't use the name Blue Ivy if it's a girl :(

It's January 8th and I just got in from writing on the sidewalk with chalk.

Huh. The cats don't like it when I sing along loudly with The Stray Cats. You'd think that they'd empathize or something.

Felix is insisting on wearing Relia's red sparkly shoes. He's the most adorable one year old drag queen you've ever seen!

It turns out it is shockingly easy to convince your pregnant wife to pick up some cookies while she is at Target.

Relia just asked me if I'd like to see a funny joke told by a sugar bowl.

Seen on Twitter: "Atheist: one who believes yesterday's football outcome vindicates his theory of existence and also prides himself on being rational."

After several conversations about MLK today, Relia just told us that this is 'King Arthur Day'.

Dreamt I was back in high school, late for class, hadn't studied and I couldn't figure out the lock on my locker. Gah! Was very glad to wake up.

I can't be the only parent who when opening a diaper says "no whammies, no whammies . . .".

Came downstairs this morning to find Relia watch 'Cheers'. Asked her if I should change the channel to something else and she said "No! This is interesting!".

Relia has discovered the X-Men cartoon from the early 90's and is watching quite a bit of it. She just asked me about Mr Sinister (Mr Cinnamon to her). This would feel like a passing of the torch if these weren't the crappy 90's X-Men.

Read to Felix today from a baseball ABC book. Every time I'd point to some piece of equipment (B for bat, G for glove) he'd say "Yay, touchdown!".

Watched some baseball with Felix today (I love!). Without any prompting or regard to situation he started saying, "Board . . . yes!". I think we'll be prepared when the season starts.


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