Monday, April 29, 2013

From January 2010

Fireworks have been shot off in hopes that the dragon will favor us. Or something like that. Happy New Year!

If anyone has an extra 50 degrees of heat to share, we could sure use some.

Another reason to have children: finding new Dr Seuss books to read.

The Ariel/Flounder friendship is wholly unconvincing.

Cardinals versus Saints. Who would the Pope cheer for?

The tator-tot hotdish (the only real cooking I bring to the marriage) is in the oven.

Enjoyed 'Up in the Air'. Probably a must see for all bookers of corporate travel.

Hey, freezing rain in the forecast! What could possibly go wrong?

Dear NFL, football games should be played on Sundays at noon and 3p. Small adjustments are fine. 2p and 540p is just stupid. Please correct this for next season.

Hey, any room for some winter refugees? Another few days of below zero weather and we may give up on Minnesota entirely.

Is making a taco pizza to share with daughter. She gets all of the black olives...

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