Wednesday, April 10, 2013

From April 2011

You can put it on the board...Yes!

I'm starting to think that Fox in Socks is an excellent life model.

We've discovered a new game at our house. Felix takes the books off of the shelf, I put them back on it. Felix takes the books off of the shelf, I put them back on it.

Thinking about Aunt Liz. A true spitfire. You'll be missed.

Relia rejected a shirt this morning because it was 'too struggely' and had 'more tompah'. I think she has a future as a judge on Project Runway.

Back from the platelet vampires. They've added an interview question about werewolves. That can't be good.

We're getting ready to go to Austin for Relia's first Matchbox play!

I think my ambition stayed in bed this morning...

Noodles and Co's Bacon cheeseburger macaroni is simply wonderful.

I just had to tell Felix that he had some waffle behind his ear.

Just finished watching the new Dr Who. At the end, Sarah said "I want more".

Felix is wandering around the house with Relia's tiara in a very firm grip. I don't have the heart to tell him that the royal wedding will *not* be shown at our house.

I'm glad that we go the Birther nonsense behind us so that the media can focus on something important . . . the royal wedding.

Gray and rainy all day and the sun comes out at BED TIME? Not fair, not fair at all.
Me: (to Relia) Is Felix poopy?
Relia: (sniffs) I smell a Tic-tac.
Me: . . . I guess not then.

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