Thursday, April 04, 2013

From October 2011

We're finishing up dinner and Relia went over to Felix and (loudly) whispered in his ear, "You distract them for me!". He didn't understand and her plan was thwarted.

Back from cheering the runners [Twin Cities Marathon]. They seem to enjoy it but I can't wondering if yelling for marathoners is something of a blood sport.

Felix is having an argument with his scrambled eggs.

If you haven't had some Falco today, well, then I'm sorry for you.

Relia's crayon art is becoming more and more representative. Felix just wants to see how many crayons he can jam in his mouth at one time.

Relia: Dad, can we got to West Virginia?
Me: Probably some day.
Relia: Good. I really want to go their so I can make some cousins.
Me: (pause) 'Make some cousins'?
Relia: Yes, I want to go their and make some cousins.
I didn't really know what to say about that.

Saw a rainbow on the way to daycare this morning. That means we're going to win!

Relia: When is Easter?
Peder: Um, in the spring.
Relia: Because amphibians remind me of rabbits and rabbits remind me of Easter.
Peder: (long pause) Why do amphibians remind you of rabbits?
Relia: Because they both like to hop!
Sometimes I think we should have named her Non sequitur.

Finally back home with the new car. We took a detour on the way home; stopped at the Eagle Center in Wabasha. A long but good day.
Relia verbal highlight of the day: 'Look Mama, Felix is wide asleep!'

Part of being a good father is the ability to balance a stuffed animal on your head for long periods of time.

Me singing at the table about desert:
"Blue jello, I saw you standing alone.
You shake and shiver in a pan, (pause) you are made out of bone."
Only Sarah got the joke.

This morning Felix is emulating the seagulls from 'Finding Nemo'.

Today at the mall there was an older lady using two of those ski pole thingees as she walked. We met her as we were getting on an elevator.
Relia: Why does she have those sticks?
Me: Uh, it helps her.
Nice lady: Do you like these? They help me walk.
Relia: (pause while she tries to keep the conversation going) My Grandma D is still alive!
Nice lady: Oh . . . !
Me: (shakes head and struggles for words while the door closes)
Relia: I wish we could have talked with her longer.
Me: (still shaking head)

Last night before bed Felix tripped into a wall face first. Much crying and unhappiness but no real problems. In the light of morning his face now looks like a comic book villain.

This weeks rejected boys names:

Relia has a new motto: You Get What You Get and You Don't Make a Fit. Being four years old, she will self apply this around 1% of the time.

Felix is eating his purple Popsicle sideways. He looks a bit like the Joker from the most recent Batman movie.

Just made a deal with Felix that he could only play the piano *after* he had on pants. I'm sure Mozart's family went through the same thing.

Now that I live with two young kids that like to bang on things, I would be in full support of a Constitutional amendment outlawing drum circles.

Watching 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure with Relia'. Not sure this is a good idea . . .

Current front runner for a boy's name: Ferb.


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