Thursday, April 25, 2013

From May 2010

This time we're going in.
Pleased to announce that Felix arrived last night about 230a. He weighs 8 pounds 5 ounces and is 20 in. long. Both mother and baby are doing quite well.

Lesson One for today: Little boys have a long range attack option during diaper changes.

Is there a product that sits in your home and simulates, for infants, the experience of being in a car? And if not, why?

A pink heart shaped Mylar balloon at the dollar store. Is that the best money spent or what?

I could not be any more tired of vampires and zombies than I am right now.

Relia is insistent that I show her 'Empire Strikes Back' (or as she refers to Star Wars, the 'robot movies').

Thinks there should be a drink called 'Desmond in a Well'. Not sure of the ingredients though...

Relia wants to go to the zoo so we can ride the 'monica-rail'.

Relia is down and we have a clear shot at watching 'Lost'.

Watching old Donald Duck cartoons with Relia. This time some of them are in Italian (gotta love YouTube!). As the wife pointed out, it's Donald Duck. Who cares what language it is?

Memorial Day tip for parents: don't hold a potty training toddler during the 21 gun salute.

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