Tuesday, April 09, 2013

From May 2011

[This is when DF was the age that LL is now.]

For nearly 30 years I've been jealous of the copy of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' that my brother bought on cassette. Today I finally bought a copy of my own on iTunes.

Back from the garage sales. Very poor book hunting today.

Going to watch the final shuttle launch on TV with the kids at 756a. Hope that everything goes well!

Me talking to Relia: Um, why is your shirt off?
Relia: Because I want to play princess!
See? This is why I keep her away from the Royal family.

Great moments in engineering history:
Great Pyramids in Egypt
Building the Panama Canal
A three year old's outfit for preschool.

Netflix Instant shows now include Cosby Show, Family Ties and Cheers. If they get Night Court we can recreate NBC's Thursday night lineup from the 80's.

In the last two days I have found an even half dozen spoons that Felix carried off, set down and were subsequently lost.  

 Relia's outfit today has every color of the rainbow. Probably even the ones that only dogs can see.

The time has come to face the truth. Wendy's new fries are *much* better than McDonalds.

I've pointed out three cardinals in the last two days. I'm only 37 sets of dishes shy of becoming my mother.

Relia just told me that today she planted a maple syrup tree.  

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