Sunday, April 28, 2013

From February 2010

Confession time: I giggle whenever I book YQR.

Four hours of sleep, a ten hour shift and a winter storm closing down everything east of the Mississippi. Should be a fun day.

I'd be willing to sign any petition available to ban Bud Light from advertising during the Super Bowl.

I'm trying to sell the name 'Zeppo' and having no luck.

Man, short track ice skating is exciting!

Four years later and I'm still bugged that the city of Turin has been Olympicized into 'Torino'.

Snow today in the northern Rockies. That means we'll be helping thousands of stranded travelers trying to connect in Bozeman :(

When will they make 'Survivor' into an Olympic sport?

Chloroform is bad for children, right?

Apparently, we've reached the stage of pregnancy where 'context' can no longer be provided. I'm baffled and not sure where to turn. Should be a fun ten(ish) weeks.

I'm ideally suited to be an eccentric millionaire.

Relia just told me that 'sheep are sheep'. I've got a budding Objectivist!

Apparently Russia's performance in Vancouver was bad enough to become a 'political issue'. How freakin' bad would the US need to do for it become a political issue?

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