Sunday, April 07, 2013

From July 2011

Was the state air conditioning system also tied into the budget shutdown?

Now that the kids are asleep, we can break out the good ice cream.

It sounds like shelling in my neighborhood. Sarah says it smells like sulfur outside.

Relia has a pet earwig that she has named 'Abdullah'. This is wrong on many, many levels.

Relia just detonated out of her room and dressed us down for 'forgetting her stuff' at Meigan's house. Yikes!

Relia's new epithet of choice 'You're fired.' Said in a sing-songy voice. And no, to my knowledge she has never even seen Donald Trump.

70 degrees and overcast. I wouldn't complain with another week of this.

Reasons why Relia is wearing a Lone Ranger style mask this morning:
1. To keep mosquitoes from her face.
2. So she can look like an evil 'gene-ur'.
3. To keep it away from Felix . . .

For the first time in twenty odd years I have 'We Are the World' stuck in my head.

Relia, noticing that her milk glass left a ring on the table: Look Daddy, I made a copy!

Looks like the Seattle Seahawks will sign Tarvaris Jackson. Such a nice city. They don't deserve this.

Relia's bedtime story selections tonight: 'Drummer Hoff' and a selection from Kipling's 'Just So Stories'. Kind of a martial night.

Just sat at the piano with Felix and Relia. We sang songs while they plinked away. Pretty sure this is what inspired Philip Glass.

Felix is having a long conversation on his play phone. Not sure what it's about but it looks to all the world like he's dressing down someone from the shipping department.          

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