Saturday, April 13, 2013

From January of 2011

I'm the only one in the house still awake. Do I still light fireworks even if there is no audience?

The curse of the Netflix instant queue? When your three year old discovers Care Bear movies.

Today's simple pleasure? Feeding cheerios to Felix.

Cannibal one: Say, what did you think of that chicken?
Cannibal two: It kinda tasted like missionary.

Distant hip hop sounds like a breast pump.

According to the internets, it's -15 out there and it *feels* like -15. With any luck it'll get as high as 6 today. It might even feel like six degrees. Yuck.

Why does Joe Buck always sound like he's only announcing as some kind of community service program?

Relia doesn't want to watch 'Phineas and Ferb' anymore. She says that Candace is 'too busty'.

Relia has decided that Felix's nickname should be 'Dragonfire'. When I asked her where she'd heard this name she simply told me 'Austrailia'.

Watching old Bugs Bunny cartoons with the kids. Boy, modern cartoons are a little more . . . subdued.

We're doing leftovers for dinner tonight and it feels like a very family activity.         

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